So it’s been awhile since I posted. Wow! When things get busy before you know it a week or more has gone by. 

The other night I was praying with my child before bed.  Her new “thing” is to pray for everyone she can remember and all the Disney princesses. This new tactic helps her to delay the process of going to bed while not getting into trouble because she’s praying.  I really think at 2 she is smarter than I am! 

As I went to bed later that night I began to pray. I prayed for my husband, child, and many other family and friends.  As I lay awake a question hit me like a ton of bricks. While I pray for my child, do I really pray for her.  Yes, I pray that she is kept safe. That she stays healthy. I thank my Lord for her. But I rarely pray for the person she is and the person she will become. 

So I started too. I pray that as she grows up she grow to be full of integrity. I pray that she is a God-fearing, God-loving girl/woman in all circumstances. I pray that she is blessed with amazing Christian friends that will keep her focused on our Savior. I pray that through all the challenges she will face she will never lose the hope that THIS world is not our home. Most importantly I pray that she continues to grow and mature in her faith. I now pray fervently FOR my child. For who she is now and for who she is going to grow up to be both physically and spiritually. 

Do you really pray FOR your children/grandchildren?  If you do not have children, do you pray for the children in your life?  If not, start! What a great gift to give to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any other child in your life. Raise those children up in prayer and let God work through them. 


A work in progress

This year I made SEVERAL new year’s resolutions.  The first one being that I was going to spread out my resolutions throughout the year to make them more attainable.  So glad I did  otherwise I’d be giving up right now. Others include getting organized, getting healthy, taking more pictures of my family, and really getting into God’s word and living it out in my life. 

At times (ok maybe MOST times) I set these unattainable goals to create my perfect self or my perfect family.  I have a secret I’d like to share with you…deep breath…I’m not perfect.  Ouch! That was painful.

I am not perfect (still painful to admit), I’m not super mom, I’m not super wife, I’m not super friend, I’m not Super Sherry (I may or may not have thought of a super hero design).  I often set expectations of myself that only Jesus himself could obtain. (Like the time I thought I could learn the trumpet in a week to play for Easter services. :))

We all set expectations for ourselves. Sometimes we stick to them and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes all we need is a little perseverance.

Mission Statement’s are something that I hear about and work with a lot in my job. This year another of my resolutions (I told you I had several) was to create a Personal Mission Statement.  So Lady’s and Gentlemen here is my Personal Mission Statement for 2013

“When I succeed I will rejoice and give thanks. When I fail I will ask for perseverance and ALWAYS try tomorrow.”

2 resolutions completed! Several more to go! WHOOOHOOO!  ***Happy dance***

Happy 2013 everyone!  

My official first post!

It’s official!  I’m a blogger! Image

Welcome to my loud life. Well more accurately me and #1 are LOUD, my husband not so much.  We are on this journey together to live our life full of Grace and live it loud! We welcome you to ride along with us as we discover the blessings and challenges the Lord will lead us through. More to come soon!